Our Top 6 Favorite Keto Subreddits

October 08, 2019

Our Top 6 Favorite Keto Subreddits

Reddit is a network of all different communities based on people's interests. There are millions of sub-communities, also known as subreddits that have conversations dedicated to a specific topic. When it comes to keto, there are dozens of communities where you can find support or specific topics you love. We made a breakdown of our favorite keto subreddits so you can find a community to share and learn more about the keto diet.

-r/keto (1.6 million members)

Interested in the keto diet but don’t know where to start? This subreddit is here to help! r/keto is the perfect place to start asking questions, share your stories and connect with other keto dieters along their journeys (some people are even looking for a keto buddy). Share your non-scale victories like buttoning your old shirt or avoiding a piece of cake at your cousin’s birthday party. Or find out if your favorite foods or condiments like soy sauce are keto friendly (spoiler alert, yes). 

If you need inspiration, you’ll find users sharing their transformation stories like losing 40 pounds in 4 weeks or getting rid of old clothes that are too big. r/keto also addresses the hard stuff like weight loss plateaus, binge eating episodes, staying keto on the road and even sharing “carb dreams.”

If you’re seeking advice about how to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, epilepsy, hormonal  imbalances, then r/keto is a good place to connect with others dealing with the same issues. Keep in mind that these conversations do not replace advice from a health professional.

-r/ketoscience (76.5k members)

Want to stay on top of the latest keto discoveries and get into the weeds on all things science and keto? r/ketoscience explores the most recent research on topics like type 2 diabetes, gout, Alzheimers, epilepsy, obesity, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases and more. 

At first glance, this subreddit can be a little intimidating and technical. So, we recommend browsing the r/ketoscience wiki page to get a grasp of the topics like GlucoNeoGenesisKetoAcidosis and other terminology contributors are using before you start engaging. And like all subreddits, there are rules to posting. Make sure to read the sidebar with all of the do’s and don’ts so your post doesn’t get deleted. 

Once you’re up to speed on the rules and content, feel free to share credible papers and talks like “Will a low carb diet shorten my life?” by Robb Wolf or the latest on red meat consumption.

If you just want to be a spectator, no problem. Between the hundreds of daily r/ketoscience conversations, the reading list and FAQ pages, you’ll have an endless amount of information to help optimize your body and keto diet.

-r/ketogains (189k members)

Keto critics say it’s not possible to build muscle on a keto diet but r/ketogains is here to bust that myth. If you’re looking for answers about how to incorporate fitness into your keto diet, how to build muscle and achieve the optimal body composition on a keto diet, this subreddit is the perfect fit for you. r/ketogains has the support and resources from highly respected scientific and sport/nutrition sources like Jeff Volek, Steven Phinney, Peter Attia, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson. You can even get answers to your questions from the the founder of r/ketogains himself, Louis Villasenor by tagging him in your posts. Have questions about how keto affects your muscles? Or want to learn how to structure your own workout? Follow along with other active users that are giving their own tips and tricks on DIY exercise routines and which foods to eat and when. 

Once you join, the first step is to set up your keto gains macro calculator that’ll ask you about your body weight, activity level, your weight loss (or gains) goals, etc. Next, the group encourages you to read up on the rest of their quick guide links like the food pyramid, nutritional calculator, and fat loss chart to get up to speed.

In the r/ketogains rules, they make it clear that this is not a support group, it’s a science group. Talking about cheat days or diet busts is not allowed but asking about how it affects your body is. Make sure to check out the r/ketogains FAQ page where you’ll get a breakdown all of the common terms mentioned in the subreddit like SKD (standard ketogenic diet), TKD (targeted ketogenic diet), CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet) that’ll help you keep up with conversations and understand which diet strategy may work best for you. 

This safe community allows you to dive deep into exercise and fitness culture. Not only is it a place to find useful information, but you have the opportunity to update your fellow internet friends on your progress and concerns.

-r/xxketo (97.2k subscribers)

This keto subreddit is for female-identifying keto dieters who want to have conversations surrounded and led by other women. This is a place to share your progress no matter good or bad, and inspire others to share their story. 

Moderators of r/xxketo ask that you don’t seek medical advice on this subreddit but subscribers are open to discussing sensitive topics including pregnancy, menstrual cycles and birth control. They also ask contributors to refrain from talking about cheat days but are happy to help if you have a question about the do's and don'ts of eating on a keto diet. It's also important to note that not all conversations have to be female focused--  general questions about the keto diet are totally acceptable.

In r/xxketo, you'll find keto dieters basking in the glory of their new glowing skin and reduced cravings or getting real with conversations about weight loss plateaus and excess “flab.” Either way, you’ll find lots of support from fellow r/xxketo followers and a safe place to both celebrate and rant. 

And remember, don’t be shy! Engaging with others is a huge part of this community and there are specific rules to make sure that this is a judgement free zone!

-r/vegetarianketo (36.4k followers)

r/vegetarianketo is a small community of people following the the ketogenic diet with no meat. We love this subreddit because of the vegetarian keto recipes, droolworthy photos of keto dinners, and lists of suggested snacks from grocery stores like Trader Joes and Stop and Shop. 

Unlike many subreddits, this community doesn’t lay out any rules. They seem open to ranting and raving about keto and discussing topics close to home like “what’s your opinion on soy?” Even if you're not vegetarian, r/vegetarianketo is a great place to explore different food cultures and you'll likely find delicious Indian desserts like this Puran Poli, and an Indian spinach and cheese called Saag Feta.


r/keto/wiki/faq is not a subreddit but it's the perfect place to start understanding all things keto before you start diving into conversations. You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of popular topics like how to fight the keto flu, which fats to eat, how to calculate net carbs and more.

Perhaps you’re curious whether or not you’re fully in ketosis or if the "keto myths" you've been hearing on the news are true. Or you may be wondering how to follow keto on a budget or if alcohol is okay. r/keto/wiki/faq goes deep on approximately 100 topics and gives additional podcast and book recommendations so you can dive even deeper.

It's important to remember that the FAQs are not answered by doctors. You will have to follow this advice at your own risk and determine whether which information is right for you to obtain.

 Written by Kailey Tse-Harlow