Ketolent is now Sated: A name change to better reflect our mission

June 14, 2018

Ketolent is now Sated: A name change to better reflect our mission

Say Hello to Sated

As of Today, the brand formerly known as Ketolent is now Sated. This is an exciting change for us, and for the future of our products. The name change aligns with our mission: to create delicious, nutritionally complete, modern, stress-free foods that leave you Sated.

We're also announcing today: the release of a delicious naturally sweetened version of our shakes, and... we're adding a Naturally Sweetened Strawberry flavor. We're eager for you to try them, so shakes with the new sweetener blend are on discounted pre sale for the next two weeks, and will start shipping on July 2nd.

If you prefer the sucralose version that was Ketolent 1.0, that version remains available for purchase as “Sated Sucralose v1.0.”  Sated Sucralose v1.1 will be available with a few minor changes in July (v1.1 changes listed below)

And, a Ready-to-Drink version is coming soon!

A natural sweetener blend that doesn't taste like a natural sweetener blend

 I’m particularly proud of the proprietary natural sweetener blend that we’ve created for Sated: it is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research over the past three and a half years. We didn’t feel like any of the naturally sweetened options on the market were good enough, so we set out to find a way to make one that was. 

Natural sweeteners often have bitter or metallic after tastes, and we weren’t willing to come out with a naturally sweetened version of our shake unless we found a combination that was delightful to the vast majority of testers. The Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Stevia, and natural flavors in Sated work together to create a clean, delightful sweet without the usual after tastes and, of course,  without spiking blood sugar.  Let us know what you think!

Ready-to-Drink is nearly here

As of last week, we have the final recipes for the Ready-to-Drink version of our shakes.  We will be launching with a Kickstarter Presale in August.  If you haven’t already, sign up for our RTD announcement list to get up to 50% off during the early bird promotion.  We expect to start shipping these delicious, even more convenient RTD shakes in early 2019.  

New Name?  Why change something that's working?

As we were preparing for the launch of our Naturally Sweetened version (today!) and our Ready To Drink version (pre-sale summer 2018), we realized that the name Ketolent was making it hard for people who we knew would love the product, and benefit from it, to get their heads around trying it. 

First, having "keto" in the name implies that the shakes are a niche product only appropriate for hard-core ultra-low-carb keto adherents.   And while the product is absolutely designed first and foremost for keto'ers (I've been keto continuously for Just over 4 years), most people can benefit from a shake high in healthy fats, prebiotic fibers, fast and slow digesting protein, and with 2.3 grams net carbs or less per serving.  With virtually no glycemic response, Sated shakes offer a novel way to get some of the benefits of fasting while being fully fed.  The shakes are a way to escape the modern food landscape, which is awash with high-sugar, high-starch foods.  Almost everybody's body would appreciate an extra 4 hour break from un-naturally high insulin levels, whether they're keto or not. 

Second, having "lent" in the name implies either that the shake designed for the solemn annual Catholic holiday of self-denial, that it is made from high-carb lentils, or worst of all that it is made from people.  None of these are positive associations for a delicious, satisfying, people-free, ultra-low-carb shake. 

So, left in the situation of not wanting either the first or the second part of our current name, we went to the drawing board to find a name that would communicate what the product is, why people should be excited about eating it, and our mission.

Sated: What’s in a name?

"Sated." as a name captures what we want to convey about the product, our mission, and how we are different from most food companies.

Sated is a relatively uncommon dictionary word. It is the less common past tense of the verb "to sate" (satiated is its more common sibling). To sate means "to satisfy to the full," and as it pertains to food and our product it means "enough." When you are sated you aren't hungry nor are you burstingly full.  When you are sated you have that perfect level of fullness that makes you feel great.

Leaving you feeling sated for as long as possible without increasing your blood sugar is the whole point of what we’re doing here.

The anti-processed food processed food company

Most industrial food companies specifically design their products to induce compulsive eating. They increase their revenue by selling customers an extra 100 empty calories of a product specifically designed to be addictive. This leads to compulsive eating. We have no interest in doing this. Instead, we’ve engineered our product to be as sating as possible.  We list some of the key ways we have engineered satiety into the shakes at the end

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to eat just as much as they need, and no more. We think of it as a new category: food that conveys the benefits of cost, convenience, and taste of modern technology with the nutritional and satiety benefits of ancestral whole foods.

The industrial food system is pretty amazing in the variety of things it can make, but so far it has been making the wrong things.  Our long-term, big, hairy, audacious goal is to industrialize nutrition, true nutrition, not just calories. Even if we never get all the way there, somebody needs to try.

Things that aren't changing

Our stress free nutrition philosophy extends deep into everything we do, including our billing practices.  Our subscriptions are stress free:  cancel at any time, pause and re-activate, swap flavors at any time, reminders are sent 3 days before renewal, and even if you miss the reminder email and it shows up on your doorstep, we'll happily pay return shipping and skip or cancel that month for you. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we even pay return shipping.  The principle is pretty simple:  if you don't love it, we don't want your money. 

Stress free means stress free.

    Looking towards the future

    Now that we’ve got our sweetener blend locked in, and ultra-low carb fiber-based flavor powders, expect new flavors from us at an accelerating rate. I won’t say yet what the next flavor after strawberry will be, but it rhymes with Beaches and Dream and has a lovely peach color.

    After that a flavor pick-and-mix option, a vegan version, and a something that you can take with you through security when you fly are high on our list.

    In case you missed it, presale for our Ready to Drink version starts later this summer.

    Engineered for Satiety

    As alluded to above, here is a short list of some of the ways we’ve engineered our product to be as sating as possible (as of v1.1):

    • Two kinds of protein: fast digesting protein to trigger protein satiety quickly and slow digesting protein to give you protein-based satiety for hours.
    • 5.6 grams fiber from multiple sources: fiber creates bulk in the stomach (triggering bulk satiety sensors), and slows gastric emptying (keeping those bulk sensors firing for longer)
    • Full complement of micronutrients: it the broadest sense, the body gets hungry when it is missing something. When it comes to micronutrients, is thought that one of the reasons people eat more calories than they need is that they are missing a micronutrient and the body keeps eating until it is either stuffed or gets the nutrients it needs.
    • Four kinds of fat: Fast, medium, and slow satiety from Olive, Flax, Coconut, and MCT oil. Fat itself is very sating: if you’ve ever struggled to finish a piece of pork belly, or noticed that cream cheese on a bagel keeps you full longer you’ve experienced fat based sateity. Coconut and MCT oil are high in medium chain triglycerides which digest rapidly into ketone bodies, which the brain can burn as if they were glucose for a fast burst of fat-based energy. Medium digestion speed olive oil is high in monounsaturated oleic acid, well known for its health benefits. Flax is high in omega-3s, which most people don’t eat enough of and our shakes have in an equal ratio to omega-6. Omega-3s are used by the body to build flexible cell walls, and as the precursors to anti-inflammatory hormones. It is thought that over longer terms (we’re talking weeks, months, and years) chronic inflammation triggers excess hunger. 
    • At least 3 grams of prebiotic fiber (varies slightly by flavor): way at the end of the digestion process, intestinal bacteria eat prebiotic fiber creating short chain fatty acids that feed your stomach lining. Probiotics send in more good bacteria, prebiotics feed the good bacteria already in your gut and keeps your microbiome thriving. A well-fed gut and a happy microbiome is thought to promote satiety in hours 3 through 6 after a meal.
    • Virtually no net carbs: The near complete absence of glucose creating carbohydrates (aka “net carbs”) means our shakes won’t send you on the blood sugar roller coaster (aka the 3pm blues). When simple carbohydrates are consumed it leads blood sugar to spike rapidly, triggering the body to rapidly release insulin to push the sugar into the body’s cells, but in the rush it doesn’t stop releasing insulin until it is too late causing blood sugar to crash after about two to three hours, and low blood sugar is the body’s emergency “eat now signal.” Not triggering the blood sugar and insulin roller coaster means the product will keep you sated for hours. 

    Changes between Ketolent v1.0 and Sated Sucralose v1.1: The relentless pursuit of fewer net carbohydrates

    Please note: If you have a subscription to the current sucralose sweetened version and love it: don't worry.  Your subscription won't change to the new sweetener unless you ask us to.

    Changes in Sated Sucralose v1.1:

    • Slightly increased the fiber to 5.6 grams per serving to align with updated nutrition guidelines.
    • Negotiated with our flavor manufacturers to swap fiber in where they were using sugars and starches before. As we grow, our increased buying power is starting to make possible things that have been on our wishlist for years.
    • Moved to a higher fat cocoa powder = richer chocolate flavor per gram of carbohydrates.
    • Decreased sweetness for the Chocolate version by about 20%.
    • Changed the name

    Sated Sucralose v1.1 will start shipping early to mid July as the last of Ketolent v1.0 runs out.  Sated Sucralose v1.1 Chocolate will have just 1.5 grams of net carbs down from 3.5 grams in Ketolent v1.0 Chocolate.

    The remaining carbohydrates are going to be hard to get out, and because fibers have some net carbs themselves zero carbs will probably never be possible, but as our scale is increasing we can probably get another half to full gram out of the blend.

    Made with Pride, in Boston MA

    Founded in Cambridge, MA in 2014, Keto and Co, the maker of Sated, is a leading ketogenic and low carb food company.  Sated products are delicious and convenient making it easier to live a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle.  Every Sated product contains less than 1 gram net carbs per 100 calories.

    Buy Sated Naturally Sweetened v1.1 during the presale and save 10%.  Shipping 7/2/2018.

    Sign up for the Ready-To-Drink announcement list to get up to 50% off during the early bird promotion.

    Let us know what you think: