Keto or Not - The Five Inevitable Truths about Travel

December 18, 2018

Keto or Not - The Five Inevitable Truths about Travel

Guest Post by Traveling Keto Cat

Staying keto at home can be a challenge, but add in the stress of holiday travel with delayed flights, smelly buses, jammed traffic, and dark, cold, wet weather can throw anybody off their keto game. Our friend Traveling Keto Cat wrote us some tips for staying calm while traveling so you can stay calm — and stay on your A game — no matter where your holiday journey takes you.

  1. Something, if not everything, will surprisingly leak either to, during or returning to your destination. Double-bag your items especially anything that can damage clothing or just be a pain to clean. Travel with extra ziplocks and put a small piece of plastic between the caps and contents of products to help contain them due to pressure changes.
  2. Leaving the comfort of your own home, and bed is inherently stressful. Knowing how you respond to stress allows you to prepare those around you, prepare yourself for how you will react or not react (aka not eating a whole pint of ice cream because your uncle made fun of how heavy you were growing up) can make all the difference with you still in control of the outcome.
  3. More people out and about during the holidays also means more stress and increased potential to react harshly. Understand everyone else is also worried about getting where they need to go, on time, with everything they wanted to pack. Be patient and understanding without adding to the pressures if possible. While misery may love company, you can choose to join or walk away from that misery.
  4. Traveling is usually not a sudden surprise, so don’t pack like it is. Take the time a few days prior to your departure to group your items, and slowly pack the categories you are confident you have mostly everything you intended. Packing cubes are a great way to compress items and also organize yourself as you check clothing categories off your list in advance.
  5. There is always something that will be forgotten behind. It’s okay, unless it’s a loved one, animal or identification. The stress of worrying about packing 100% of the items doesn’t outweigh the relief of knowing it’s all mostly packed and if something small such as toothpaste isn’t in your bag, it can easily be regained, helps reduce some of the stress associated with travel.

Enjoying the adventure includes getting there mentally. With these tips you can find yourself more present in your travels, with great memories to return to the comfort of your own bed.