What Users are Saying

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of Ketolent. In fact, after my first taste, I went back onto your website to see if you had a breakdown of the carbs in your recipe because I thought it must have more sugar than I had initially thought. Right off the bat, I favored Ketolent over the other samples I had ordered.

I really like your product. […] I like that your recipe was a creamy consistency without seeds and other bits to chew – that often bothers me with other recipes There is a high likelihood I will reorder with you when I finish up all my DIY soylent.

Jessie S. | Dallas, TX



Overall I like it. I like the ease of preparation compared to some of the other similar products […]. I like that I don’t need to buy any additional ingredients, limiting my grocery store trips […]. The taste is pleasant rather than merely tolerable.

I also like that the consistency does not change much when you let it sit in the fridge overnight or all day.

Sean F. | Sacramento, CA



We have found the ketolent shakes well packaged and easy to mix. We have tried both the vanilla and chocolate shakes which are rich, satisfying and taste like a malt vanilla and malt chocolate respectively. Definitely recommended.

Kabuki S. | London, UK