Sated. Ready to Drink Keto Meal Shake


How Does it Taste? 

Pretty good.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don’t love it, for any reason, send it back and we’ll refund all of your money. We’ll even pay return shipping.

For pre-sale orders of more than 1 case, one case will ship first to sample so you can make sure you love it and it fits into your lifestyle. Once you give us the go ahead, the rest of your order will ship on whatever schedule you like. 

If you order more than one case, we will ship it to you on whatever schedule you want (all at once, one a month, two a year, etc)

International: If you’d like to buy the item from a foreign country, offers international reshipping. Each 18 pack weighs about 15lbs at 14 x 7.5 x 5.625 inches.  

Let's talk Nutrition and Satiety

These are all great options. You don't have to be anti-cooking to love the convenience of Sated shakes.  When you have time to cook, cook. Whenever you don’t, there’s Sated.

Look to future stretch goals to unlock more flavors and protein choices. Strawberry, Vegan Chocolate, Peaches and Cream, Root Beer Float, Melted Coffee Ice Cream, Mocha, Green Tea Latte, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup are possibilities.


Sated started producing out of a small shared kitchen and shipping out of Ted’s apartment. Fast forward four years and we’ve grown into our own 10,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility with contract manufacturers and warehouses across the country.  

Since our customers rely on us for their meals, we take our job of getting the product to customers quickly and consistently very seriously. We are proud to be able to say that 99% of our orders have shipped next business day, and that the longest stock-out on our shakes was just 4 days. 

We’re excited to take our experience in manufacturing, shipping and outstanding customer service and extend it to the ready to drink product line and our Kickstarter backers! Welcome to the Sated family. 


We started selling our first keto meal shake in December of 2014.  After selling out of that first run in just 5 days, we've more than doubled every year since.

In January 2018 we finally had everything to the level that we thought it merited the title "Version 1."  In June of 2018 we changed the name from Ketolent to Sated.  August of 2018 was the launch of the pre-sale campaign for the ready to drink version of our shakes (you are here), and in Early 2019 Sated Ready to Drink will start shipping.

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