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Keto Holiday Gift Guide

November 21, 2018

Keto Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for gifts for a keto diet fan, look no further! We’ve found great presents for keto cooks, keto eaters, and that person you love who just can’t stop talking about keto (we don’t blame them!). Read on for keto gift foods, stocking stuffers, kitchen gear, and good keto books for this holiday season.

Food, Glorious Keto Food!


Chocoperfection AlmondDry Farm WinesPork Panko bread crumps

For your favorite keto chocoholic, we recommend ChocoPerfection bars. These elegant sugar-free chocolates come in six luxurious flavors including almond, mint, raspberry, and orange, and most flavors have just 2g net carbs per bar. Buy a gift box, and you can try them all!

Wine, Wine, Wine

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and you can drink wine while you’re on keto – particularly if it’s a Dry Farm Wines sugar-free low-sulfite wine. Buy a 6-bottle box of whites, reds, or mixed varietals for a jolly holiday.

Crumby and Good

With Pork Panko Pork Rind Breadcrumbs, you can bread and fry any food you want and have a crispy, crunchy, keto-approved crust. Chicken parmcheese sticksmac’n cheese with crumb topping – if it crunches, you can make it keto with Pork Panko.

Shake it Up

Make life easy for your favorite keto pal with tasty Sated Naturally Sweetened Keto Meal Shakes in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. For thirty days, they won’t have to worry about what to eat for lunch – and they’ll look forward to shake flavors fans have called “awesome” and “perfect.”

Box o’Keto Joy

Would your keto friends like more variety in their lives? Try the Keto Delivered subscription boxes.  Every month, they’ll get 6-9 hand-selected keto-friendly foods including snacks, spices, nut butters, chocolates, jerky, salad dressings, cookies, crackers, granola – there’s always something new!

Stocking stuffers

Bacon SquishieAvocado earringsKeto Force Mug

I Pledge Allegiance to my Fat

Got a baconhead in the house? Let your keto eater show their allegiance to the pork world with a bacon phone grip and bacon napkins, a t-shirt with keto AF spelled in bacon, and a plush bacon squishie to calm down when there’s no visible pork in the immediate vincinity.

Avocado fans can show their keto pride with avocado socks, earrings, or a smiling plushie to keep you company at your desk while you’re avoiding your office’s Doughnut Day.

May the Ketosis be with You

Keto Star Wars fans will swoon over the Carb Wars t-shirt and a “I am one with the Keto. The Keto is with me” mug. These gifts might also distract them from telling you their latest theory on who is Rey’s real father, just for a while.


Game of Ketones TCaution Ketones


Wear your keto pride on your chest with a keto macros t-shirt, the word keto spelled in keto diet icons, a shirt that says you still haven’t died of nutritional deficiencies, or one that warns bystanders that you may talk about keto at any time.

Keto fans in the know will appreciate this ketosis test strip shirt and the chance to show your heart belongs to keto. And no mother of dragons can resist a Game of Ketones tee.

Keto king mug

Talk to the Mug

Is your keto sweetie tired of explaining their diet at work before they’ve even finished their coffee? Let the mug do the talking. A keto diet word cloud colorfully displays what you can eat on keto, or you can show icons for keto foods while declaring you’re keto AF, while this mug confirms that there is butter in your coffee.

If your keto fan needs some morning inspiration, declare them the keto queen or keto king.

For your Keto Cook
Mini muffin cupsMini muffin molds
Zoodles in Hand

If your keto kid interested in making zoodles, but doesn’t have room in their apartment for a table-top spiralizer, this Adoric handheld spiralizer will have them turning zucchini, parsnips, and any other pants their hearts desire into veggie spaghetti in no time – and it will fit in the back of the kitchen drawer where their roommates won’t “borrow” it.

Smooth Operator

All your keto sweetie wants for Christmas is an immersion blender that actually works. The Braun Multiquick Hand Blender will make your keto soups, gravies, and purees smooth as melted butter, and won’t bust your holiday gift budget.

They’re the Bomb

Make it easy for your keto dieter to make portable fat bombs with the Fat Bomb Bible cookbook, silicone mini-muffin molds and muffin cups (recycled paper or party colors) so they won’t be tempted by unworthy carbs for snacks

Good books

Keto is great for weight loss – and it can have a profound affect on many other medical conditions too. Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise explains how and why conventional nutrition experts went so wrong over the past few decades, and how a higher-fat diet can led to better fat and wellness.

And after your keto fans have opened all their gifts, give them a big hug, and thank them for taking care of themselves by following the keto diet. Better health is one of the best gifts ever!

Happy Holidays!